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During a career spanning over 50 years, Herbie Brennan has written more than 108 books of fact and fiction for adults, teenagers and children. The following listing gives first English-language publication only — all publishers listed are U.K. based unless otherwise stated. For details of overseas editions, please contact Herbie’s Literary Agent.

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A Guide to Megalithic Ireland    HarperCollins

Martian Genesis    Piatkus

The Atlantis Enigma    Piatkus

The Secret History of Ancient Egypt    Piatkus

Time Travel: A New Perspective    Llewellyn (USA)

Death    Carrol & Graf (USA)

Magic and Mysticism of Tibet    Llewellyn

Death: The Great Mystery of Life    Eye Books


An Occult History of the World      Futura

Ancient Spirit    Warner/Little,Brown

Aquarian Guide to the New Age

(with Eileen Campbell)    HarperCollins

Astral Doorways     Thoth

Experimental Magic     Aquarian Press

Five Keys to Past Lives    Aquarian Press

Herbie Brennan’s Occult Archive                         BiblioBoard

Magick for Beginners    Llewellyn (USA)

Nostradamus:Visions of the Future      HarperCollins

Occult Reich    Futura

Occult Tibet    Llewellyn (USA)

Reincarnation    Aquarian Press

The Little Book of Nostradamus    HarperCollins

The Magical I Ching    Llewellyn (USA)

The Ultimate Elsewhere    Futura

The Magical Use of Thought Forms

(with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki)    Llewellyn (USA)

                      Whisperers:The Secret History of the

                     Spirit World                                                            Overlook (U.S.)

Psychology/Self Improvement

Getting Rich: A Beginner's Manual     Thorsons

How to Get Where You Want To Go      Thorsons


Discover  Astral Projection    HarperCollins

Discover Reincarnation    HarperCollins

Mindreach     Aquarian Press


The Good Con Guide    Sphere


Dark Moon    Michael Joseph

Dream of Destiny    Collins

The Greythorn Woman    Collins

Young Fiction

Bad Manners Day    Macdonald

Barmy Jeffers and the Quasimodo Walk    HarperCollins

Barmy Jeffers and the Shrinking Potion    HarperCollins

Black Death    Mammoth

Blood Brothers    Poolbeg (Ireland)

Capricorn’s Children    Mammoth

Doroth’s Ghost    Heinemann

Eddie and the Bad Egg    Puffin

Eddie and the Dirty Dogs    Puffin

Eddie the Duck    Puffin

Emily and the Werewolf    Liber

Fairy Nuff    Bloomsbury

Faeman Quest    Bloomsbury

Faerie Lord    Bloomsbury

Faerie Wars    Bloomsbury

Final Victory    A&C Black

Kookaburra Dreaming    Scholastic

Letters from a Mouse    Walker

Little House    Macdonald

Marcus Mustard    Transworld

Mario Scumbini and the Big Pig Swipe    Hamilton/Puffin

Ordeal by Poison    HarperCollins

The Doomsday Box    HarperCollins U.S.

The Purple Emperor    Bloomsbury

                         The Secret Prophecy                                              Balzar & Bray.

The Shadow Project    HarperCollins U.S.

Return of Barmy Jeffers     HarperCollins

Shiva    HarperCollins

Telling Times: Jennet’s Tale    Egmont

The Crone    HarperCollins

The Gravediggers    Reed

The Mystery Machine    McElderry (USA)

The Thing From Knucker Hole    Scholastic

Zartog’s Remote    Bloomsbury

Nuff Said    Bloomsbury

Frankenstella and the Video Shop Monster    Bloomsbury

Young Non-Fiction

Alien Contact    Scholastic

Death of the Dinosaurs    Longmans

Eleven Things You Never Knew About Cats    Longmans

Herbie Brennan’s Forbidden Truths …

1. Atlantis    Faber

2. Time Travel    Faber

3. Hidden Powers of the Human Mind    Faber

4. Parallel Worlds    Faber

How to Remember Absolutely Everything    Longmans

Internet    Scholastic

Memory    Scholastic

Mindpower 1: Succeed at School    HarperCollins

Mindpower 2: Make Yourself a Success    HarperCollins

Seriously Weird True Stories 2    Scholastic

Seriously Weird True Stories    Scholastic

Space Quest    Faber

Techno-Future     Puffin

The Alien-Hunter’s Handbook    Faber

The Code-Breaker’s Handbook    Faber

The First Vaccination    Longmans

The Ghost-Hunter’s Handbook    Faber

The Man Who Invented (nearly) Everything    Longmans

The Spy’s Handbook    Faber

The Wizard’s Apprentice    Faber

The Young Ghost Hunter's Guide      HarperCollins

Why Race for Space?    Longmans

Adventure Gamebooks

Ancient Evil    Fontana

AztecQuest    Kingfisher

Demondoom    Fontana

Dracula's Castle    HarperCollins

EgyptQuest    Kingfisher

Fire*Wolf    Fontana

Kingdom of Horror    HarperCollins

Legion of the Dead    HarperCollins

Realm of Chaos    HarperCollins

The Castle of Darkness    HarperCollins

The Crypts of Terror    Fontana

The Curse of Frankenstein    HarperCollins

The Den of Dragons    HarperCollins

The Gateway of Doom    HarperCollins

Tomb of Nightmares    HarperCollins

Voyage of Terror    HarperCollins

Role Play Systems

Man, Myth & Magic    Yaquinto (USA)

The Monster Horrorshow    HarperCollins

Timeship    Yaquinto (USA)


Tarot: the Teacher    Five Star (USA)

Timeship    Five Star (USA)


The Direction of Love    BBC radio

Original Audio

Black Death    Reed Group

True Ghost Stories    HarperCollins

Short Stories

Icepick Murphy and the Durango Kid    Egmont

Kookaburra Christmas    Scholastic

Humorous and romantic short stories

Woman, Woman’s Own, Woman’s Realm, Woman’sWay,

Woman’s Choice.

Science fiction

Galaxy, Worlds of If, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.